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We combine a decade of expertise and proprietary technology to increase efficient, mitigate risks, and dominate the search results, amplifying your sales on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and beyond.

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Marathon, Not a Sprint

We pride ourselves in continually establishing long lasting relationships. Since our company began in 2018 we have been fortunate enough to continually grow our business relations and revenues. Bearing in mind the age old lesson, the tortoise always beats the hair by focusing on consistency rather than speed.

Building Your Brand

Unlike many smaller ecommerce companies who look for distribution companies/manufacturers to become their dropship work horse, eMZ is accustomed to the more traditional buy in bulk, direct shipping, less headache approach to ecommerce business. Whether its newer product, older, close outs, etc. we are confident and tested in finding a sales outlet that will fuel continuous partnership growth.

Follow MAP

It is our policy to follow all Minimum Advertised Pricing of brands  and distributors. Enter Adventure believes that brands have the right to set the price they want their products sold for and we do everything possible to uphold that price.


Data is the foundation of everything we do. Our marketplace technology helps you make deliberate decisions, fuel your growth, and measure your success.

Accelerate your growth with our technological solutions

  • Online Brand Protection
  • Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Proactive Cost Recovery
  • Sales & Inventory Forecasting
  • Catalog Optimization
  • Inventory Control
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Since the inception of eMZ Enterprises in 2018, we have been striving to build long lasting, mutually beneficial, relationships in many different product categories. From books to beauty products, eMZ has aided its business partnerships sell MORE. Based in beautiful South Texas along the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, our goal is to help your business move more product.

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We’ve helped thousands of brands achieve success through our data-driven, holistic approach.

EMZ offers tools and tips to help us maximize our visibility and exposure, and they provide clear solutions on how best to optimize our products.


Instead of focusing on the Amazon and online channel, we are able to continue to focus on developing the best products, sell through traditional brick-and-mortar stores and expand around the world.


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