The way the process works:

Credit Report

We would first need to get a copy of your credit report.  Its only $1 if you use the link provided on website.  If you decide that you do not want to move forward with Identity IQ, you have 7 days to cancel before being charged.


You will then need to provide me with your full name, your email address, your last 4 digits of your Social Security number as well as the login details for Identity IQ (Username and Password) We have made this easy for you as all you need to do is fill out out quick registration form.


You have the option at this time after reviewing your analysis if you want to jump on a quick phone call to go over everything to get a better understanding of the process or you can simply schedule a free consultation when you are more available to talk.


Now by this step, you should be very well knowledgeable and understand the process.  If you still are unsure about a few things, you may view the website and read through everything.


To finalize registration, you will then need to send over payment based on what we agreed on, Once your make payment to us, we give you online portal access.


Within 60 minutes, We will send you over a contract and that contract will state everything that you will receive.  If you chose the Inquiry only package, That will be stated in contract.

Upload Documentation

Now that the contract is signed, Its time for you to upload your required documents to the portal.  You will log in and you will follow the steps on the screen.


This is what you hired us for. We use all our skillset and use strong and aggressive tactics to dispute on your behalf  All the items that we talked about prior will be disputed.


We need to wait for the credit bureaus to respond by mail. By law they have 30 days to respond.  Due to covid-19, This time has been longer due to the cares act.


Send us the results
from the bureaus so we know how
to proceed. (Not mandatory, but

Rinse and repeat

We do this process over and over coming back more and more aggressive with the bureaus each round until we get you the results that we need. 


Once we get to approximately the 90 day mark, could be sooner, We will also start the credit rebuilding process to further improve your credit score.

Get your credit Consultation now

We help you with credit issues, or if you just want to learn how to better your credit report.

First, we need some info to pull your credit.

Don’t worry—this is completely secure and won’t hurt your score. 

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