We offer the easiest Point of Sale (POS) software to help restaurants with the tools they need to easily and seamlessly take orders and process payments in their places of business.  Our software is time-tested with virtually all the important features needed for all kinds of restaurants to successfully run their business on the daily basis.


The needs of restaurants are diverse, from super-fast transaction processing for busy fast food establishments, to white table cloth fine dining. We offer unique payment solutions to fill these needs, incorporating web presence and online ordering and payment.


Our User-friendly integrated Point Of Sale Solutions are guaranteed to save time that merchants can invest into further developing their business operations with enhanced control through integrated reporting systems.


We provide comprehensive and easy-to-use features for all types of restaurants or similar establishments of any sizes and any backgrounds.


Point of Sale Software

  • Easiest Point Of Sale Software
  • Integrated Online Ordering & Mobile Ordering
  • Integrated Online Reservation
  • Free Email Marketing Software
  • Free Graphic Coupon Builder Software
  • Free Text Message Marketing Software
  • Built-in Gift Card and Online Loyalty Program
  • Online Customer Relation Management System
  • Online & Email Reporting
  • And many more in a totally affordable package

Rewards & Loyalty

ALA CARTE POS Reward and Customer Loyalty Program helps restaurants retain and extend customer base by offering Reward Dollars to customers via online orders or in store orders to encourage repeat business and referrals.

Customers can either redeem rewards by applying the reward dollars to the next online orders or convert them into gift certificates that they can give away as gifts.

ALA CARTE POS automatically track the creation and redemption of reward dollars and provide the restaurants and customers complete reports of the history of the rewards

eGift & Daily Deals

ALA CARTE POS fully supports gift certificates of all kinds. Our Online Gift Certificate Program allows restaurants to sell Electronic Gift Certificate to their customers at full or discounted prices. All gift certificates can be printed at home and redeemed in the restaurants.

Our Online Gift Certificate system also provide daily, weekly, and monthly special programs to let restaurants announce special sales event for their customers to purchase gift certificated at deep discounts, a feature very similar to the daily deals provided by companies like Groupon, etc.

Our system will track and manage the gift certificates and the issuance and redemption of the gift certificates are seamlessly integrated with our POS software

Email Marketing

ALA CARTE POS Email Marketing Systems gives the restaurants the best value by using their own SMTP server accounts to achieve the maximum savings and flexibility.

Our dedicated website allows restaurants to create online coupons and flyers using templates with their own logos and images.

ALA CARTE POS Email Marketing system manages the creation of email list by automatically integrating the online ordering system with the email marketing system. All customers who place orders online will be entered into the email list and will receive promotional emails sent from the POS systems. The restaurant owners can create coupons on the flyer and send the coupons via emails to their customers by a single click.

Supermenu Email Marketing systems also manages the opt-out process for compliance purposes with no additional cost.

Text Message Marketing

Like Email Marketing, the Text Marketing program in ALA CARTE POS lets restaurants send promotional text messages to their customer at real-time. Our online and POS system captures the mobile phone numbers of consenting customers and maintain the list for marketing purposes.

You can create daily specials or hourly specials in the POS and send the text messages with the name and discount of these deals to your customers at one simple click. You can create coupon codes and text them to your customers who can just show the message on the cell phone to get the discounts without the need to print coupons.

Online & Mobile Ordering

ALA CARTE POS Online Ordering System is fully integrated with ALA CARTE POS to achieve the maximum efficiency.

Our solution totally eliminates double data entry and messy faxes since all online orders are transferred and saved into the POS directly and automatically.

ALA CARTE POS Online Ordering System can also be fully integrated with secure credit card processing software to further save restaurants valuable time and money.

ALA CARTE POS Online Ordering System is completely compatible with any smart phones that can be used for surfing the web to allow mobile ordering anytime, anywhere.

Our Email Marketing Solution is also seamlessly integrated with the online ordering system.

Online Reservation

Like ALA CARTE POS Online Ordering System, ALA CARTE POS Online Reservation System is also fully integrated with ALA CARTE POS POS to achieve the maximum efficiency.

All online reservations will be transferred to the Restaurant POS system to allow the hosts to easily manage the guest list and open tables along with regular phone reservations.

ALA CARTE POS Online Reservation System is also integrated with Supermenu Loyalty Reward program to give customers additional reward dollars for reserving tables especially for large parties.

ALA CARTE POS Online Reservation System is also integrated with ALA CARTE POS Email & Text Marketing program to help restaurant build up customer email list faster and easier.


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